Expedition 2019

June, 2019, my expedition of a lifetime begins - 2 months travelling to places I've only dreamt of via an assortment of transportation providing more adventure.

First - Fly to London UK where I stay a few days visiting planned venues and meeting with several 'friends.' 

Second - Fly to Hamburg, Germany where I will meet a friend, brief tour of city then off to Kiel, Germany to meet another friend who will provide a tour of Germany's submarine fleet and WW2 submariners memorial.

Third - I board a freighter, a ship travelling to several ports while making my way to South Africa. There, after 29 days at sea, I will disembark at Durban.

Fourth - A few days of tours to the sights of British and Zulu battlefields of 1879 - Islandwana and Rorkes Drift.

Fifth - Bus from Durban to Pretoria then driven to Krueger National Park for a 5 day Safari. Included is a visit to an elephant orphanage where baby elephants are taken if separated from the herd or mother for any reason. They are well treated until mature enough to be released on their own. Sometimes visitors are allowed to name a baby. I hope I can. I have the perfect name, that of a special little pal of mine I haven't seen in almost a year.

Sixth - Back to Pretoria to board The Blue Train! The worlds most luxurious train. Each cabin holds a bath, shower, and bed. The train travels through Africa 3 days to Cape Town. The train stops at night to allow passngers to sleep.

Seven - Cape Town to enjoy the beautiful beaches, mountains, culture and Robbens Island where Mandela was inprisoned.

Eight - Emerites Airlines back to Boston, stopping briefly in Switzerland! 

Nine - Home with an amazing video journal to share!

Stay tuned for updates!